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version 2020.3


Traco Preview Server is a Windows service for generating preview images for Traco MetaCaptions which are created in Traco GFX.

Installation prerequisites

Before You Begin

Hardware and Software Recommendations

Network Communication Requirements


  1. Run the installer and continue with the installation steps.
    Running .msi installer
  2. Configuration
  3. Traco Preview Server IP: IP address of the computer where Traco Preview Server installer was executed.
  4. Traco Preview Server Port: Port for incoming jobs.
  5. Cache Path: Folder for the image cache.
  6. Select installation folder.
  7. Confirm the installation.
  8. Close the installer.

After the installation, Traco Preview Server will be listed as windows services. By default, the service does not start automatically, so it needs to be started manually. The service has to run under a Windows user, who has access to the image cache.


Configurations during the installation are saved into the service’s configuration file and are available for later modifications. The configuration file is in the installation directory and it is named as Traco Preview Server.exe.config.
After making changes in the configuration file, the service needs to be be manually restarted.
Config file


Traco Preview Server can have multiple service instances installed on different machines, or multiple instances running on the same machine with shared image cache to achieve high availability. The installation of additional service instances is done in the same way as it is for a single service instance installation.


Log files can be found in folders defined in the configuration file. The default locations are C:\ProgramData\Traco Preview Server\logs and C:\ProgramData\Traco Preview Server\ffmpegLogs.


  1. To uninstall Traco Preview Server it is necessary to stop it's Windows service.
  2. If the service is stopped, it can be uninstalled as a regular Windows application from the Programs and Features.