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Traco GFX | ReadMe

This is the ReadMe document for Traco GFX app.
This document describes the user visible changes and also some backend changes and bug fixes. We recommend that you read all of the information in this ReadMe thoroughly before installing or using the software described in this document.

Version 2021.7.1

Compatibility notes for version 2021.7.1

This version of Traco GFX must be used together with the following application versions:

  • Traco MediaDistributor v2021.7.1
  • Traco ACS v2021.7.1
  • Traco ACS DB v2021.7
  • Traco MediaRenderer v2021.7
  • Traco MediaDistributor service v2021.7

Changes and new features in version 2021.7.1

  • Octopus NRCS support
    • Creating, editing and previewing GFX objects for Octopus stories
    • Burning GFX for Octopus stories
  • Settings app redesigned
    • Traco GFX settings app now contains two separate Save buttons for Traco GFX General settings and for Traco ACS Renderer settings
  • iNews workflow improvements
    • In media distribution workflows the linked story's video id will override the sequence's video id during the STP operation
    • In media distribution workflows if a GFX object (mos xml) from the story does not include track (layer) information, it will be automatically parsed. This will result in appropriate z-index of the burned graphical objects.
  • Media Distribution jobs can not be created till the Quick Send button is disabled, e. g. when the sequences or it's linked story is not saved

Fixed in version 2021.7.1

  • Non-Transition logic layer names are displayed incorrectly for Octopus NRCS

Version 2021.7.0

Compatibility notes for version 2021.7.0

This version of Traco GFX must be used together with the following application versions:

  • Traco MediaDistributor v2021.7.0
  • Traco ACS v2021.7.0
  • Traco ACS DB v2021.7.0
  • Traco MediaRenderer v2021.7.0
  • Traco MediaDistributor service v2021.7.0

Changes and new features in version 2021.7.0

  • Elements in Traco GFX footer rearranged
  • Option for automatically updating clip titles on airspeeds based on the sequence name in media distribution workflows
  • Option for media overwrite in media distribution workflows
  • Improved UI of media distribution jobs review
  • In media distribution workflows the final output filename can be set based on the sequence's Video ID, Display Name, MOB ID or Job ID
  • Skipping viz data element burning in media distribution workflows when it's template has tag TRACO_GFX_NO_BURN

Fixed in version 2021.7.0

  • Error messages displayed by Traco GFX may overload the web browser in Avid MediaCentral | Cloud UX 2021.3 or later
  • Media distribution was failing when the sequence's linked story had less then two production cues
  • Graphics burning was not always respecting the Viz transition logic layers order (z-index)